The Story of Stone Soup

Canneries began during World War II in the 1940’s as a concept to foster patriotism and community spirit and were historically supported in part by school systems, which used them for educational purposes. The Keezletown Community Cannery has been a community tradition for over 60 decades and is a living example of the Stone Soup story in action. "By working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good is achieved.”

The Cannery would like anyone in the community who has anything to contribute to do so by clicking on the link below. Examples:

      • Photos of your church group or organization using the Cannery
        (we’d like to create a photo gallery of the Cannery’s history – but need the community to submit photos!)
      • Any memoirs or testimonials regarding the Cannery
      • How long you / your group has been using the Cannery
      • Recipes to share with other canning enthusiasts
      • The produce or meat you have canned at the cannery
      • The most you have ever canned at the cannery (how many cans?)
      • The strangest thing you have ever canned at the Cannery
      • Suggestions for fundraisers for the Cannery
      • Suggestions for groups to contact for fundraising support
      • ANYTHING you’d like to share (you can remain anonymous or give your name) regarding the Cannery – past or present

    Click Here to Share

        Note: please type “Stone Soup” in the subject line and then give a description of what it is you would like to share/contribute to the website in the body of the text with any appropriate attachments. Please indicate if we may use your name and where you are from or if you would like to remain anonymous. If you do not indicate either way, we will make it anonymous. Thank you for your support!

For more information please call (540) 896-7600


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